National Campaign for Better Hearing

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Hidden Hearing is supporting the National Campaign for Better Hearing to promote early diagnosis and action on hearing loss, to maintain good health and quality of life.

The National Campaign for Better Hearing encourages everyone over the age of 55 to get their hearing tested regularly for free.

Join in the campaign – Test Your ears at 55 years 

You could be nominated to receive a free pair of private hearing aids.

Each month thanks to Hidden Hearing’s support of this campaign, a pair of free private hearing aids are awarded for every 1,000 hearing tests conducted. That’s up to 5 pairs of private aids awarded each month to people whose life could be changed with better hearing but cannot afford the latest hearing technology.

Free hearing tests are available at all Hidden Hearing centres.   

Special events to celebrate will be taking place at the following centres over the next 3 weeks, click the event for further details:


Perth - 6th March
Hereford - 9th - 13th March
Chesterfield - 9th - 13th March
Derby - 10th March
Maidstone - 11th March
Nottingham - 16th - 18th March
Guernsey - 19th March
Chester - 19th March
King's Lynn - 20th March
Kingston - 23rd March
Shrewsbury - 15th April

Is there an event happening near you? Come along and get your FREE hearing test!