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Hearing aids and face masks

Contributed by James Pocock

22/03/2021 00:00:00 • 3 min read

We’ve all had to get used to wearing face masks over the past year.

This has been particularly tough if you have a hearing loss. Masks not only muffle speech but also take away the visual clues used for lip-reading.

And on top of that, hearing aid users have found that it’s easy to lose hearing aids when taking off or putting on masks.

But you can make your face mask hearing aid friendly and protect your hearing aids. We’re giving away free face mask extenders which could help stop your hearing aid from getting tangled up in your mask’s straps. Just email to get yours, while stocks last.

Plus we’ve put together this short video guide to help you protect your hearing aids while wearing a face mask.

So here are our top five face mask and hearing aid tips:

  1. Use a face mask extender or a mask that ties around your head
    Don’t use a mask that sits over your ears. Instead, use one that ties around your head, or an extender. This way your hearing aid is less likely to get tangled with your mask’s straps when you take it off.
  2. Pick a safe environment to put on/take off your mask
    It’s tempting to take your mask off – or put it on – at the last second, just before going into or after leaving a shop, for example. But this is probably when you’re most likely to lose your hearing aid. Just take a minute to get your bearings and find somewhere safe where it doesn’t matter as much if it accidently falls out, such as your car.
  3. Make sure the strap is outside the hearing aid’s tube
    When using these mask extenders, it should go: head, hearing aid tube, mask strap, ear – in that order!
  4. Hold the hearing aid with one hand
    Use both hands for each ear – one for holding the hearing aid, one for taking off the mask.
  5. Double-check that your hearing aid(s) is still in
    Double-check your hearing aid’s still in – it might feel like it’s still there even after it’s popped out!

With these tips in mind, just email to get a free mask extender (while stocks last) and help look after your hearing aid.

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