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5 ways hearing aids could improve your well-being

Contributed by James Pocock

01/06/2023 00:00:00 • 3 min read

Your hearing and your overall health are more closely connected than you might think.

Healthy diet and exercise are important, we all know that. But being able to actively engage with friends and family and being part of a community are also keys to a long and healthy life.

The Blue Zones is an organisation that studies the communities across the world that live the longest. Their research shows that one of the biggest influences on longevity is having a strong community1. And their original study shows that the longest-living communities in the world have a strong sense of belonging2.

We use our hearing to understand and interpret the world. So hearing is crucial for participating in social settings.

When our hearing begins to deteriorate, we slowly become disconnected from the world around us. If left untreated, hearing loss can even lead to isolation and cognitive decline345.

But the good news is that hearing health has come a long way in the last ten years. Hearing aids are smaller and more technologically advanced than ever.

Today’s hearing aids work with your brain to help you process sound in the most natural way possible.

Research also shows that people who wear hearing aids experience significant improvements in their quality of life and their overall ability to communicate and engage in social activities.

Here are the five ways that hearing aids can improve your well-being.

1. Better communication

6 in 10 people reported that hearing aids improved their ability to communicate effectively6.

Hearing aids help you to process sounds around you as naturally as possible so you can hear more than just what’s directly in front of you.

Modern hearing aids even filter out background noise so that you can decipher which sounds near you are the most important.

You can communicate more effectively as you process and react to sounds without having to strain to hear those around you.

2. Improved social engagement

A recent study found that about half of those with hearing aids feel that their ability to participate in conversations and group activities has improved6.

As your hearing improves and you begin to be able to hear conversations around you, you become more confident about mixing in social settings again. So your social engagement begins to build, which can have positive effects on your sense of community and overall happiness.

3. Better quality of life

Over half of those who have started wearing hearing aids in the last five years reported an overall better quality of life since they started wearing them6.

Hearing aids give you the opportunity to hear all of life’s sounds: a conversation, a film, the radio, or a sports match. They give you access to exploring areas of your life you may have missed if you had been suffering from untreated hearing loss.

Hearing aids give you the ability to hear and enjoy your favourite activities again.

4. Improved performance at work

Over half of hearing aid users reported an improvement in their work performance since they started wearing hearing aids6.

Before hearing aids, those with hearing loss might have a hard time keeping up with conversations during meetings, or they may have just simply not been able to hear casual conversations around them.

Over time, your work performance may begin to decline if can’t keep up with meetings and conversations at work. Hearing aids can significantly improve this. Those who get hearing aids notice that their work performance improves.

5. Increased confidence

4 in 10 hearing aid wearers reported an improvement in self-confidence since they started wearing hearing aids6.

Hearing aids give you back the ability to hear the world around you. So you may begin to show more confidence and openness in your everyday life. As you become more active and engaged, you naturally start to feel more confident. Not only about your hearing but about life in general.


Hearing is integral to your overall well-being, and it is far more important than just being able to hear what’s going on around you.

Hearing is what connects us to our communities and helps us interpret and engage with our friends and family.

By treating your hearing loss with hearing aids, you are taking a big step towards protecting your overall health and well-being.

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