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Having a hearing test is just as important as any other health check-up. If you think that you might have hearing loss, book a free hearing test near you with one of our hearing care experts.
You must be 19 years or over to attend a hearing test.

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3 ways to book a hearing test

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Book by phone
Call us on 0800 0372 080. Lines are open Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 5 p.m.
0800 0372 080
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Book an appointment online
Using our online tool to book a free hearing test at your preferred time.
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Find a hearing center
Use our locator too to find your the closest hearing centre.
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3 reasons to book a test with Hidden Hearing


Experts in hearing care
Our certified hearing care experts conduct in-depth, no-obligation hearing tests with same-day results.


Quality hearing aid solutions
We offer a selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.


Aftercare services
As a Hidden Hearing customer you are entitled to free hearing aid batteries for the first three years, adjustments, cleaning and repair services.
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Before, during and after a hearing test

What to expect at a hearing test

What happens at a hearing test – Bring someone with you
Bring someone with you
Part of your hearing test involves checking how well you recognise a familiar voice. So we recommend bringing a friend or relative along with you, if possible.
What happens at a hearing test – consultation
Discuss your hearing concerns
The hearing care expert will talk through any hearing concerns, your medical history and lifestyle factors that may impact your hearing.
What happens at a hearing test – Physical ear examination
Physical ear examination
You'll have a visual exam of your ears to understand if there are any medical explanations for your hearing loss.
What happens at a hearing test – Hearing assessment
Comprehensive hearing assessment
This includes a series of tests – such as tone, speech and word tests.
What happens at a hearing test – Same-day results
Same-day test results and recommended solutions
Option 1 No hearing loss. Receive healthy hearing advice Option 2 Hearing loss detected. Receive advice on hearing aid solutions

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