Image shows man wearing spectacle hearing aids

Spectacle hearing aids

A remarkable invention, tackling two problems at once. The perfect solution for those who wear glasses and need hearing aids.

Let’s talk spectacle hearing aids

If you have a problem with your hearing and don't like the idea of wearing something in your ear, spectacle hearing aids could be the answer for you.

Spectacle hearing aids might be for you if you're used to wearing glasses but are also having trouble with your hearing.

Virtually invisible to everyone else – they'll only notice your glasses
Dual functionality
Improve your hearing while correcting your vision
Compatible with most frame styles
Image shows spectacle hearing aids

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One accessory to help both senses

Discreet and comfortable to wear, spectacle hearing aids are the perfect solution that tackle two problems at once. They're a great solution if you're already used to wearing glasses.

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Spectacle hearing aid benefits