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Hearing aid adjustment and repair

Whether you need a repair or a small adjustment, we're here for you when you need hearing aid support. 

Hearing aid repair: how to solve common problems

3 ways to contact our customer services

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The phones are open weekdays from 8.30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
0800 7408 796
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Remote services from the comfort of your own home

We offer various remote services, such as:

  1. Remote consultations about your hearing loss
  2. Remote support for your hearing aids and accessories
  3. Online fitting and adjustment for Oticon hearing aids available through the Oticon RemoteCare app (please check with your individual hearing care expert to see whether they offer this).
  4. Online ordering for hearing aid batteries
  5. Support for hearing aid repairs and cleaning
  6. Support for assessing whether you might benefit from a hearing test in a clinic

You can learn more about our remote services:
Customer Service

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Video consultations with a hearing care expert

If you wear Oticon hearing aids, you could receive hearing aid adjustments from one of our experts through the Oticon RemoteCare App. (Please check with your individual hearing care expert to see whether they offer this).

Benefits of using the app:

  1. Have a video consultation with a registered hearing care professional from the comfort of your home
  2. Save time and money spent on travelling to a local clinic
  3. Receive hearing aid adjustments remotely
  4. Get one of our experts to adjust your hearing aid for a specific listening situation
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Hearing aid repair and adjustment FAQs