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Our vision: We want to help more people hear better

We don't believe in quick fixes and one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, we pay close attention to every customer's specific needs. We focus not only on our customers' hearing but also on their wants, needs, and motivations.


From the very first time a customer calls or visits our clinic, we provide the best possible care. We embrace the latest and most advanced technology to make life easier for them. And we do our utmost to make sure that every person reaches their full hearing potential.

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Audio Visual 
A special moment for me that stands out is when I tested a lady who lived on the second floor of an apartment building. 

She’d never been tested. And once I’d tested her and given her the hearing aids, she asked her daughter to switch off the microwave, or the radio, because she could hear a ‘singing’ sound. And it was actually the birds singing outside of the window. She’d not heard these birds for all the time she’d been in the apartment.

Caption appears: Meet Tallal – Audiologist in Audika Group

Tallal is walking to work, across a bridge in an urban park.

Tallal is sitting down, speaking to us from his clinic.

Tallal is walking through the city.
You do get moments like that, they happen all the time.

That’s one of the best parts of the job. Every day is different and you just get better and better because of the training. You continue to grow and continue to help people.

Tallal is greeting a customer in a Hidden Hearing clinic.

They are walking together into an appointment room.
My name is Tallal. I’m an audiologist with Hidden Hearing (part of Audika). I’ve been with the company four years, the best four years of my life, absolutely life-changing and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone as a career.  Tallal is showing the customer a detailed diagram of an ear. 

Tallal is looking in the customer’s ear with an otoscope. 
It’s an environment where you can be yourself and you can continue to develop and grow. It’s all very professional. I chose to work with Hidden Hearing within Audika because it’s just an amazing company to work for. All the technology and services – anything that you do need is provided. The ongoing support is absolutely phenomenal. Tallal is sitting in his clinic as he's talking to us.
It’s just the best place to be. It gives you the rare opportunity to actually have a positive impact on someone’s life.  The customer has headphones on and she is smiling while she is having her hearing tested. 
From them feeling isolated, you can an impact on someone’s life – where it could be life-changing. From where they stayed at home, now they can take part in conversations with friends and family members. It improves not only their lives but everybody’s lives around them.  Tallal is sitting in his clinic.

Tallal is conducting a hearing test with the same customer.
With work and family life, it fits perfectly. You can enjoy your day at work and have that experience where you’ve had a positive impact on someone’s life, and come home and share that experience with your family.  Tallal is sitting in his clinic. 
It’s a privilege to work with Hidden Hearing and Audika because they allow you to be yourself and place part of yourself into the position. In the years to come I don’t see me retiring any time soon.

I’d love to have a life-long career with Hidden Hearing and Audika. It’s just the best place to be. It’s the most amazing job you could have.
Tallal is driving home.

His family are waiting for him outside the front door of his house.

Tallal is walking in the park with his wife and young son.

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