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What you can expect at your free hearing test

  • It’ll last about 60 minutes – just find a clinic that’s close to you
  • We ask that you bring a close friend or family member for support, and so that we can assess your hearing using a familiar voice
  • You’ll have a free consultation with one of our hearing care experts
  • We’ll carry out the test using state-of-the-art technology
  • You’ll receive your results straightaway
  • We have a selection of discreet, high-quality hearing aids, which you can try risk-free
  • The test is completely free; there’s no obligation to buy any products
  • You must be 19 years of age or over to attend a Hidden Hearing test
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What happens during your hearing test

You might be wondering what happens at a hearing test, especially if it has been a while since you last had one. Or maybe you’ve never had one.

This short video takes you through what happens, step by step.

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What happens at a hearing test?


Here is a look at what happens at a hearing test with Hidden Hearing.




What happens at a hearing test


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Our hearing professional will sit down with you to discuss your hearing concerns, Medical history and Lifestyle


Our hearing professional will discuss

Concerns History Lifestyle


Audiologist sitting with a customer




This is followed by a physical ear exam. Your ears will be checked for ear wax and other irregularities.

Physical ear exam


Ear wax

Other irregularities


Audiologist examining customer’s ear




You will be placed in a sound booth, where you will complete a series of tone, speech and word tests



Sounds booth


Tone, Speech & word tests


Man sitting in a sound booth taking a hearing test


Hidden Hearing goes above and beyond a baseline Hearing test by relying on the following pillars

Baseline Hearing Test

Hidden Hearing Hearing test


Histogram showing baseline hearing test and Hidden Hearing hearing test


Audiological, cognitive, psychological and subjective nuances


That’s it.



Audiological, cognitive, psychological, subjective nuances



Upon completion of your hearing test, you will get same day result

Same day result


Audiologist sitting with customer



If you have no hearing loss, great!


We recommend you test your hearing once annually if you are over 60


No hearing loss?



We recommend you test your hearing once annually if you are over 60


Man walking




If a hearing loss is detected, your hearing professional will provide you a customized hearing solution

Hearing loss detected?


We’ll provide a customized hearing solution


Audiologist talking with customer and showing hearing aids options.



A hearing test is easy and takes about 30 minutes to complete

A hearing test is easy and takes about 30 minutes to complete


Audiologists waving goodbye at customer



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What happens if we find you have a hearing loss?

You’ll get your results straightaway and your hearing care expert will go through them with you, explaining what they mean.
If you have a hearing loss, our expert will help you choose the best hearing aid solution for you. One that fits your needs and your lifestyle. After you’ve come to a decision, we’ll book another appointment (about a week later) for you to come and get your new hearing aids fitted. For certain models we even offer same-day fitting. And some hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear canal, which can take a little longer (two or three weeks).

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HIdden Hearing customer Mattew Blackwell with audiologist

“I’m amazed by the fact that these new hearing aids are so small and discreet, yet they still have the processing power needed.”

Matthew Blackwell
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6 benefits of wearing hearing aids

Image shows a group of friends enjoying the outdoors without hearing loss
1. Hear clearly in most situations and get more out of life
Image shows a group of friends having a conversation without hearing loss
2. Participate in conversations again
Image shows a man relaxing whilst listening to music
3. Overcome the stress and discomfort caused by hearing loss
Image shows a woman enjoying a conversation online in a video call
4. Avoid having to ask people to repeat themselves
Image shows a business man talking on the phone
5. Hear phone conversations effortlessly
Image shows a couple watching TV
6. Listen to the TV at the same volume as those around you

When should you book a hearing test?

Your hearing is so important to your overall well-being. It helps you to connect with others and experience the world around you.

You might feel that your hearing is not what it used to be. Our team of experts are here to help. If you start to recognise any signs of hearing loss, book a free hearing test.

Do any of these signs of hearing loss seem familiar?

Does anyone say you have the TV volume up too loud?
Image shows a woman struggling to keep up with a conversation because of untreated hearing loss
Do you often ask people to repeat what they've just said?
Do you find it difficult to hear what people are saying when there's a lot of background noise?
Image shows a mother struggling to hear her daughter
Do you find it hard to tell where sounds are coming from?
Image shows a man suffering with social anxiety because of hearing loss
Are there any activities you avoid because you’re worried you’ll find it hard to hear what’s going on?
Image shows a woman on the phone
Do you think it's difficult to hear what people are saying on the phone?

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