Images shows leafs in Autumn

5 Sounds of Autumn

Contributed by James Pocock

10/10/2022 00:00:00 • 3 min read

Tags • Hearing loss

Now that autumn’s arrived, we’ve put together the next instalment of our favourite seasonal sounds – the ones that you won’t want to miss!

  1. Walking through leaves
    Watching the leaves change colour and ultimately fall to the ground isn’t just a beautiful visual experience, but the sound of leaves crunching under your feet is pretty special too. Is this a sound you’ve missed?

    If you’ve recently had a pair of hearing aids fitted, grab your wellies and go for a walk in the woods; kick the leaves and listen to the sounds.

  2. Autumn Showers
    The weather might not be so great, but the gentle ‘pitta patta’ of rain on the leaves, in puddles and on roofs is a calming sound that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  3. Wind
    The autumnal wind can be strong as we move towards winter. But the sound of it flowing through the woods, leaves and branches of trees can be calming and can give you a chance to reflect on nature.

  4. Halloween
    The sounds of excited children laughing as they go from house to house collecting treats is always welcome.

  5. Bonfire Night
    “Remember, remember the 5th of November!” Fireworks may not be pleasant for pets, but they are a truly visual and auditory spectacle. And the sound of the bonfire crackling stirs up memories of the Bonfire Nights we enjoyed as a child.

You can also read our favourite sounds that came with spring, and keep an eye out for our final seasonal instalment: winter.

If you have any kind of hearing loss and don’t want to miss out on the sounds of autumn, book a free hearing test with one of our hearing care experts at your local Hidden Hearing clinic.