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The award-winning Oticon Own™

Contributed by James Pocock

06/02/2023 00:00:00 • 4 min read

Oticon Own™: award-winning hearing aid technology

The Oticon Own™, our latest range of in-the-ear hearing aids, features groundbreaking technology, never before seen in an in-the-ear hearing aid.
And this technology has led to some global recognition for the Oticon Own™. At CES® 2023, the most prestigious tech trade show in the world, Oticon Own™ was named an innovation honouree in the highly competitive Wearable Technologies category.

Innovative design, tailored to you

The judges awarded Oticon Own™ for its “innovative design and engineering features” that scored highly across the evaluation criteria.

The discreet hearing aid is the world’s first custom (i.e. moulded to the unique shape of your ear canal) hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). This means that the technology has learnt to hear in a similar way to us: through real-life experience and not just in a laboratory. “The Deep Neural Network (DNN) is a remarkably powerful intelligence”, says Farah Kiani, one of our senior audiologists, “because it enables the wearer to manage a full 360° sound spectrum, without the limitation that traditional directional microphones put on hearing aid wearers. To now have that technology in a custom-fit style is a huge win for our customers.”

Unique hearing aid technology

The use of a DNN is unique in the industry. Trained on 12 million real-life sound scenes, it offers users a wealth of sounds, their details and how they should be heard in a natural way. That in-built intelligence enables the wearer to enjoy a full soundscape. 
Based on the specific attributes of various people speaking – vocal length, frequencies, harmonics, and the rhythm of their speech –  the hearing aid user can separate one talker from another, despite voices coming from multiple directions. This distinctive listening also allows for other natural sounds like birdsong, footsteps or somebody approaching from behind to be heard at the same time.

Hearing aid technology that supports the brain
“Ultimately, it comes down to understanding how the brain makes sense of sound, because true hearing improvement happens only when technologies support the brain’s listening process, helping it to perform as intended. We love our ears, but the reality is, we listen with our brain. That’s the whole point of the DNN,” says Farah Kiani. “Oticon Own™ is a major leap forward for our customers who wear custom-fit hearing aids. Better for the brain means better hearing care. We put this principle at the heart of our audiological approach.”

Find out more today

You can find out more about the Oticon Own™, and how this award-winning hearing aid could improve your quality of life, by making and appointment to see one of our experts. Just follow the link to book a hearing test today, or call 0800 0372 080. 
Or, to get a general idea of how well you can hear, you can take our online hearing test. It’s free, only takes five minutes and you’ll get your results straight away.