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About Hidden Hearing

Our hearing clinics have teams of hearing care professionals, all highly specialised and dedicated to helping more people hear better.

That’s why we call ourselves hearing care experts.

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5 steps to better hearing

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1. Know what the signs of hearing loss are
Signs of hearing loss
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2. Book a free hearing test at your local clinic
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3. Try a hearing aid for 60 risk-free days if we find a hearing loss
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4. Learn about different payment and protection plans
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5. Hear well and live well. Receive free, unlimited aftercare

Hidden Hearing Customer Charter

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Keep being independent

For Frank, being his own boss felt so freeing at one point. But over time, it felt limiting when he began struggling to communicate with his customers.

It took Frank 15 years to build his business. Now, with the right hearing solution, he's confident he'll still be running it for the next 15.

Hidden Hearing's personalised hearing care keeps his hearing as sharp as his knives so he can stay being his best every day. See what state-of-the-art hearing technology tailored to your needs can do for your hearing and your life.

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We’d very much like to hear from you if you’re working within the hearing care industry even if we have no advertised roles, we’re always keen to reach out to experienced individuals for future vacancies. If you’re an Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser registered with the HCPC, then do contact us, in confidence.

Send us an email or write to us if you want to apply for any of the positions below.

Audiologist Timothy Humpidge
Hearing Aid Dispenser/Audiologist
Hidden Hearing Clinic Coordinator
Branch Coordinator
Customer Services and Appointment Coordinator Specialist
Call Centre Manager