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We are still here for you.

As the UK experiences more local lockdowns, coupled with a national lockdown in Wales; we wanted to update you that we are still here for you. Hidden Hearing as a healthcare provider is classified as an essential service and therefore all of our clinics will remain open in all towns.

If however you are choosing to stay at home we can still visit you there. Alternatively we may be able to offer you telephone triage and for some customers remote care. For more information on these services please call you nearest branch.

Additionally we continue to operate remote battery and accessories ordering. Simply call
 Customer Services on 0800 7408 796.

Safeguard Your Hearing Aids When Wearing A Face Mask!

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At Hidden Hearing we help people live a better quality of life. Hearing connects us to the world so why suffer in silence? Do something about it today, speak with your local Hidden Hearing audiologist for a thorough hearing check up and start your journey to better hearing

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What do the latest
hearing aids look like?

Hearing aids vary, special features, how they are placed in the ear and how visible they are when you wear them. Here is an overview of all types of hearing aids.


Types of hearing aids

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Sandra Pierce

Sandra’s life changed for the better once she found the right solution for her hearing loss. Watch her story and see how she wishes she acted sooner.


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Alex Slight

See how Hidden Hearing transformed a teacher from Beckenham's life, now he can hear his students more clearly.


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Katie Lee

See how Hidden Hearing helped Katie, a 27 year old hairdresser and model from Kent with her genetic hearing loss.


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