England Women's Deaf Football Team

Hidden Hearing step in to help England’s Deaf Women’s Football Team

Contributed by James Pocock

16/06/2023 00:00:00 • 3 min read

England Deaf Women’s Football Squad is made up of the country’s elite Deaf footballers, with all players aligned to local clubs. Since 2005, the squad has won five bronze medals in World and European Championships, and they are currently planning to compete in the upcoming World Deaf Football Championships in Malaysia in Autumn 2023.

Participating in these events is a constant challenge as the squad has to self-fund, with no financial support currently offered by any sporting organisation, Government grant or Lottery funding.  

The team is running trials for the Championship in Derby in early summer, and this is where the additional challenge of NHS waiting times for audiology tests is affecting their tournament chances.

A race against time

To be eligible to play in deaf-specific competitions, players must have a hearing loss of 55 decibels (dB) per tone average in their better ear – a hearing loss that must be confirmed by a recent hearing test. Current waiting times for NHS audiology appointments mean that talented players across the country are at risk of not being able to get tested in time for the trials. Hidden Hearing have therefore stepped in to help new players at the trials get the tests they desperately need!

Hidden Hearing’s Head of Professional Services, Michael Marchant, says, “Hidden Hearing are thrilled to support the England Deaf Women's Football Team, Talented players were in danger of missing out on representing their country and we’re pleased to be able to play a small part in helping them achieve their dream.”

Hidden Hearing Audiologist, Wayne Barrow with team members

Testing in progress with Hidden Hearing Audiologist, Bianca-Rose Blackwood

How to show your support

Claire Stancliffe, who plays for England Deaf Women’s Team says, Great Britain Deaf Football (GBDF) are delighted that Hidden Hearing are supporting the England Deaf Women’s Football Squad with their official athlete testing registration for the World Deaf Football Championships 2023.  Current waiting times for NHS audiology appointments meant that talented new players were at risk of missing out on representing their country.  We’re very grateful that Hidden Hearing has stepped in, providing their expert audiology service to the team!”

If you would like to show your support for the team and donate, please click here:


Hidden Hearing would like to wish the England Deaf Women’s Team the best of luck in the tournament, we’re rooting for you!