The 9 sounds that come with Summer

Summer may not be in full swing, and no matter how young or old, it’s a time of the year that should be cherished by all. 

Whether it’s relaxing at the beach, camping in the woods, or barbecuing in your garden, there’s plenty to enjoy this time of year. Here are our top nine sounds you don’t want to miss this summer:

1. Food sizzling on a BBQ

Nothing gets an appetite going like the sizzle of meat hitting the grill and the smell that follows. Everyone loves a good BBQ, whether it’s burgers, steak, chicken, or veggies, everything tastes a little better when it’s grilled.


2. Someone pouring a fizzy drink

2. Someone pouringaWhat usually follows a BBQ? The drinks, everybody loves a drink during the summer at a BBQ, whether it’s a soft or alcoholic beverage. But the sound of the liquid filling up a glass is certainly a sound that shouldn't be forgotten. a fizzy drink


3. Waves lapping in the sand

The beach provides stimulation for all of our the senses: the taste of salt water, the smell of sunscreen, the feeling of sand crunching under your toes, and the beautiful sight of the sun setting into the water. Perhaps the most iconic of all though is the relaxing sound of waves crashing at the shore. This is a part of summer that should never be missed out on.


4. Seagulls

A sound that always can be heard at the beach is seagulls cawing. Although it may be a good idea to try and avoid standing under a flock of seagulls. Would your experience at the beach feel the same if you couldn’t hear the seagulls? 


5. Kids on arcade machines

What is the other most enjoyable thing to do at the beach? Having fun in the arcade machines.
The sound of the coin machines dropping off their shelf and crashing into the hands of a delighted child. Surely you wouldn’t want to miss the sound of your grandchild's happiness.


6. Birds chirping

A favourite amongst many is the singsong of birds chatting in the summertime. It’s peaceful and can be quite a hobby if you’re interested. There’s so much to learn about the wide repertoire of bird songs and calls, all of which vary based on the species and what they’re trying to communicate. Lucky for us, it all sounds like a beautiful chorus in our backyards, would you enjoy the summer without this sound?


7. Humming of a fan at night

Now this one may seem odd but there is nothing quite relaxing than hearing the hum of a fan spreading cold air around your room on a hot summers night.


8. Kids playing outdoors

The sound of your grandchild playing outside in the park or even your garden is a sound that can bring so much happiness to a grandparent. Enjoying time spent with your grandchildren might not be the same if you couldn’t hear them.


9. Ice cream van

One of the most famous sounds in the summer ar those of ice cream vans driving around all communities bring delightful ice scream treats to families nationwide. This sound can also bring back so many memories as a child eagerly waiting for the ice cream van to show up at your front door. Would you miss this sound if you couldn't hear it?


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