Connect To The World With Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Today we are more connected electronically than ever before.

Friends, family, and business colleagues all expect to be able to reach us in seconds. Oticon hearing aids with Bluetooth capability are made for the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®, allowing you to stream audio directly into your hearing aids. 

Plus, new advancements in Oticon wireless technology now make it even easier and more enjoyable for you to connect to the people and activities in your world. With Oticon hearing aids, you experience clear, high-quality sound, free from unwanted noise. Read on to learn about additional connectivity possibilities with Oticon hearing aids.

TV Adapter

Enjoy your favourite programs at the volume you choose. The TV Adapter connects to almost any audio device using the cables provided. Stereo sound from the TV streams wirelessly directly to your hearing aids from a range of up to 45 feet.


Oticon Opn Bluetooth hearing aids can become a wireless headset for any modern smartphone — iPhone® or Android™ — plus tablets and computers, using ConnectClip. ConnectClip streams your phone conversations directly to your hearing aids so you can talk hands-free, plus hear Skype calls and music in stereo.

Connect Bluetooth hearing aids to IFTTT-enabled devices

Want the lights to turn on automatically when you switch on your hearing aids? Want to be notified in your hearing aids when someone’s at the door?

Explore the limitless possibilities available and craft your own connections to a range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life:
- Get a notification in your hearing aids when the doorbell rings
- Receive a notification when your home alarm system goes off
- Send a text message or email to a caregiver when the hearing aid battery is low and much more

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