Can Chocolate Prevent Hearing Loss?

Did you know that eating chocolate is great for your hearing!

Dark chocolate is rich in zinc, which can help to prevent hearing loss by preserving your inner ear function. 

There’s never been a better excuse to indulge, and this is a great time of the year to enjoy healthy hearing recipes involving dark chocolate!

It’s fine to enjoy a few squares of dark chocolate straight from the packet, as long as your chocolate of choice is at least 70% cocoa, but we also love to include it in delicious recipes. Pick one of these mouthwatering ideas to give your family a winter treat and help them to protect their hearing, too!


1. Chocolate tart

This is a really simple but impressive dessert. Make a simple base with crushed biscuits, butter and golden syrup in a flan dish and chill while you melt 200g dark chocolate with a drop of vanilla extract and a touch of icing sugar. Fold in 200ml whipped cream and pour into the base. Chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

2. Dark chocolate brownies

 We love chocolate brownies, and there are thousands of recipes out there. Dark chocolate brownies with dark chocolate fudge sauce on top for a truly delicious treat! Find your favourite recipe and adapt it to include dark chocolate, or try out different recipes until you find the one you like the best!

3. Chocolate dipped fruit

For an easy but indulgent dessert, chop up your favourite fruits and dip them into dark chocolate. You can dip each piece into the chocolate so that it’s half-coated, and then let it cool before serving, or just melt the chocolate, grab some skewers and let everyone dip their own!

4. Dairy free hot chocolate

If someone in your family has allergies to milk, you’ll know how much they love to enjoy a treat along with everyone else. Just bring your choice of dairy free milk (coconut milk is a good one) to the boil and stir in as much dark chocolate as you like to taste. Just be sure to check that your dark chocolate is good quality, so it doesn’t include milk solids.

Do these recipes with dark chocolate take your fancy? Comment below if you have any recipes involving dark chocolate that you would like to share.

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