Could the great outdoors be key to boosting your health and wellbeing this Autumn?


The autumn season symbolises a period of change and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and refresh our health routine.

It makes us happy!

Research shows that spending time surrounded by nature can be a highly effective way to restore your sense of calm and boost your mood. But you don't need to head to the Amazon rainforest or go trekking in the Alps to feel rejuvenated.  Research shows that spending as little as 15 or 20 minutes strolling or sitting peacefully outside can reduce feelings of anxiety. This autumn why not get your nature fix by joining a local walking group, going on a cycle ride or simply relax and enjoy your spot of countryside! Look up at the sky. Feel the wind. Listen to the birds. Relax.

It awakens the senses!

When we think of nature we immediately think of the sights, sounds, smell and touch of the outdoors – whether it’s listening to bird song, feeling rain on our skin, seeing trees sway in the breeze or hearing the sound of autumn leaves crunching underfoot. Research by Hidden Hearing reveals that three quarters of people claim their hearing is key to enjoying the great outdoors, yet despite this only a quarter say they would seek help if they were concerned about their hearing. Don’t settle for poor hearing when you don’t have to. Enjoy the pleasures of good hearing for a lifetime by ensuring you look after your hearing health. If you’re not hearing as well as you used to, or if those around you have noticed there could be a problem, book a free hearing test at your local Hidden Hearing centre for advice. 


It gets us moving!

New research reveals that gardening is one of our favourite outdoor activities, and a spot of gardening not only gives you a good physical workout - researchers have found that smelling roses and pulling up weeds can lower blood pressure, increase brain activity and produce a general upbeat feeling. The science is now being used in hospitals and rehabilitation centres in the U.S., where "healing gardens" have been created for patients to look at and walk through. Gardening can be both energetic and relaxing at the same time, and there is nothing better than being able to stand back and admire your hard work.

It boosts your energy levels!

Feeling sluggish? The answer might be to get yourself outside, with research showing that spending time in nature makes us feel more alive and revitalised. Nature is fuel for the soul, and often when we feel low on energy we reach for a cup of coffee or a sugary snack, but getting out in the fresh air is a quick way to kick your brain into high gear, so ditch the caffeine and stick to a walk in the park instead! Research has also shown that people with a greater sense of vitality don’t just have more energy for things they want to do, they are also more resilient to physical illnesses.