Tackle two problems at once: 7 advantages of Spectacle Hearing Aids


Spectacle hearing aids (spec aids) are a type of hearing system popular with many of our customers. Read on to find out 7 advantages of spectacle hearing aids. 

  1. Tackle two issues at once

    More than 90% [1] of people in their fifties and older already wear glasses so why not combine glasses and hearing aids to tackle hearing and sight problems simultaneously. With both systems combined, your daily routine of putting glasses on first thing in the morning will mean that both your eyes and your ears are ready to tackle the day.


  2. Hearing aids are hidden

    The hearing aids themselves sit discreetly on the arms of the glasses. So, you can hear daily sounds like television programmes and loved ones or colleagues talking without looking like a hearing aid is helping you. At the same time, you can continue to benefit from improved vision.


  3. They look good

    Spectacle hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and styles. You can choose from a wide selection of frames just as you would at your opticians.


  4. They feel good

    As the spectacle hearing aids sit on top of your ears just like a regular pair of glasses you shouldn’t even notice that you are wearing them. Some spec aids will have parts that do go in the ear but if your hearing loss is conductive you can have all the benefits of better hearing without anything in your ear.


  5. You could live longer

    Poor hearing can have implications for numerous other aspects of your health. An example of this is the effect that loss of hearing can have on your likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia. Read more about the connection between dementia and

    hearing loss here.


  6. They are much harder to lose

    People who wear any type of hearing system will agree that they become an essential part of your life. They will also tell you about the catastrophic feeling that comes with losing a hearing aid. With spec aids, your hearing aids are attached to the much larger spectacles meaning they are much harder to lose and much easier to find.


  7. You will notice a difference immediately

If you have been suffering with hearing loss for a long time then you will be amazed by the effect spec aids could have on your quality of life. Better hearing can improve your communication with your family or friends, your confidence in trying new activities and your appreciation of the small sounds you may have been missing.



For more information about how you could benefit from wearing spectacle hearing aids book a free hearing test with your local Hidden Hearing centre.