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8 Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1BB

Hearing tests and hearing aids available at our Hidden Hearing clinic in Kingston Upon Thames

It’s so important to have your hearing checked regularly, especially the older you get. Hearing loss can creep up on you. It can be so gradual that it’s not always easy to recognise or even accept. So if you’re worried about your hearing in any way, the best thing to do is to book a free hearing test.

And if you’ve never had a hearing test before, don’t worry – you can find out exactly what happens during a hearing test here

If you do suffer from hearing loss already, it’s important to keep on top of any changes to your hearing. Even if you’ve come to see us before, we still recommend having a regular check-up, at least once a year.

The Kingston Upon Thames team

Tom Leech, our hearing care expert, and Monta, our receptionist, will be here to look after all of your hearing care needs. 

How to find us

Situated at the Rose Theatre end of Eden Street, opposite the Apple Market, our Kingston Upon Thames hearing centre is well connected by buses; staff will be happy to advise on stops. Nearby car parks are numerous, including the St. James’ car park and the closest, the Eden Walk Shopping Centre

Does Hidden Hearing Kingston Upon Thames offer ear wax removal?

Yes, Hidden Hearing Kingston Upon Thames offers ear wax removal. If you’re suffering from excess ear wax build-up, you can book an ear wax removal appointment


31 reviews
Roderick Rugman
a week ago

Avni Mistry at your Kingston branch was quite excellent. Knowledgeable, efficient, with a kind & patient manner when dealing with an elderly client!
Should go far! Roderick Rugman

Lewis Fernando
in the last week

My visit was very friendly and helpful.

Bob Mullins
3 months ago

My wife & I both have hearing aids & visit the Kingston upon Thames Hidden Hearing Branch. We get a friendly greeting from Monta the receptionist & are offered tea/coffee. We opt for a 'Werthers' from the bowl on the table. Tom, who did our tests says goodbye to another client & we chat briefly. Then Kate arrives & calls us into the fitting room together. There is another lady there also, observing with Kate.
Our Aids are cleaned & updated/adjusted, medications etc checked & ears inspected, (My) questions asked & answered (I like to keep up with the tech). All in a relaxed atmosphere with a friendly chat.
Sadly, it's the last time we'll see Kate as she's moving to pastures new. So, unless we run into any problems... it's ''see you next year, yes, we've got it in the diary. March 14th 11:00''.

illa mahmood
3 months ago

If you have a hearing problem and you live in kingston or near
the best place to go to .

Aleksander Kuczynski
4 months ago

Smoothly professional, very efficient and knowledgeable service, providing remarkably effective hearing aids.

Mark W
2 months ago

Fast efficient hearing test and advice about ongoing use of hearing aids.

Helene Elston
8 months ago

As always, Tom was courteous and pleasant, and explained the results of my hearing test simply but in detail. My next appointment was arranged by their charming receptionist and followed up by an email.

yoon lee
10 months ago

I saw Dee at Kingston Clinic for Ear Wax Removal this week. She was most helpful, knowledgeable and thorough with her work. I was most grateful to her.

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