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Hidden Hearing Potters Bar

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Hidden Hearing Potters Bar

Don't let problems with your hearing affect your lifestyle. At Hidden Hearing Potters Bar you'll find a friendly welcome and no end of reliable, impartial advice that can help. Book an appointment for a free hearing assessment today, and you might be surprised how much we can do for you.

Hearing loss of some form or another affects thousands of people across the UK, and if not dealt with, it can cause problems at home and work. But in many cases, an effective and affordable way to cope is by fitting a hearing aid. Modern devices are tiny and extremely functional, adding clarity and sharpness to the sounds we hear, and can be fitted comfortably behind the ear, with a receiver in the ear canal, or even attached to a stylish pair of glasses. At Hidden Hearing we stock a range of cutting-edge hearing aids from manufacturers including Bernafon and Starkey, and our team can help you learn to fit and operate them with a comprehensive demonstration.

So, if your hearing is beginning to fail, book your free hearing test or call us today, and start your journey to better hearing.

We are open every Friday.