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419 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Middlesex, HA5 4JR

Hearing tests and hearing aids available at our Hidden Hearing clinic in Hatch End

It’s so important to have your hearing checked regularly, especially the older you get. Hearing loss can creep up on you. It can be so gradual that it’s not always easy to recognise or even accept. So if you’re worried about your hearing in any way, the best thing to do is to book a free hearing test.

And if you’ve never had a hearing test before, don’t worry – you can find out exactly what happens during a hearing test here

If you do suffer from hearing loss already, it’s important to keep on top of any changes to your hearing. Even if you’ve come to see us before, we still recommend having a regular check-up, at least once a year.

The Hatch End team

Mary Wakwabubi, our hearing care expert, and Averil, our receptionist, will be here to look after all of your hearing care needs. 

How to find us

We are situated in the heart of Hatch End - a beautiful town surrounded by a number of restaurants. We are situated three doors down from Hatch End Post Office, sit next to the beauty shop, Bliss, and opposite Italian restaurant, Fellini. Open Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm and closed for lunch 1pm-2pm.

Sharing the pavement with the best furniture shops in UK, Chaplin’s, and opposite the exceedingly famous, award-winning fish & chip shop, Sea Pebbles.

We are 15 minutes’ walk from Morrison’s supermarket.

Inexpensive parking is available behind Fellini restaurant, there is also parking available on the Parade with a number of disabled right outside our Hearing Centre.

We are on the H12 and H14 bus routes from Harrow and only 3 miles away from Pinner.

The Hatch End Overground station is only a ten minute walk.

Does Hidden Hearing Hatch End offer ear wax removal?

Yes, Hidden Hearing Hatch End offers ear wax removal. If you’re suffering from excess ear wax build-up, you can book an ear wax removal appointment