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Hidden Hearing Brentwood

108-110 Hutton Road, Shenfield
Brentwood Essex CM15 8NB
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Hidden Hearing Brentwood

For a convenient solution to your hearing needs, make an appointment at Hidden Hearing Brentwood. At Hidden Hearing, we understand that hearing loss affects thousands of people across the country, and if left untreated, can have an adverse effect on quality of life. That’s why we offer everyone a free, no-obligations hearing test from one of our trained team in our nationwide chain of branches.

We will conduct a thorough hearing test and talk to you if you are struggling in any situation such as watching the TV and listening to the radio, and put together an effective treatment plan to help you deal with it. If you do require a hearing aid, you’re under no obligation to buy it from us, but we do stock a wide collection of makes and models from leading providers such as Oticon and Starkey, and we’re confident of their quality.

Hearing loss occurs due to many reasons, and dealing with it early is the best approach. You may be surprised at the improvements a hearing device can produce, and best of all, they’re completely discreet and comfortable at all times.

Contact us on 0800 019 2016 or fill out the short form on the right of this page, and turn a new page today. The friendly team at Brentwood includes receptionist Gillian & Hayley, available to take your calls and book appointments, as well as Hearing Aid Dispenser Patrick O'Brien, who can provide expert advice on all your hearing problems.

How to find us

The Brentwood branch is located in the suburb of Shenfield and is situated a few hundred yards from Shenfield railway station. There is free parking (2 hours) immediately outside the branch.