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Hidden Hearing Norwich

7 Westlegate
Norwich Norfolk NR1 3LT
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Hidden Hearing Norwich

At Hidden Hearing, we regularly lead awareness campaigns on the problems arising from hearing impairment. Thousands of people across the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss, which can stem from a variety of causes. If you have difficulty sometimes catching what people say, or find it hard at work to distinguish voices amid the noise, maybe it’s time to have your hearing checked to see if something can be done.

The professional team at Hidden Hearing Norwich will welcome you in for a free, no-obligation hearing test which will comprehensively cover a variety of environments and daily situations which often cause problems. Should you need assistance, then our treatment plan will give suggested solutions which could range from removing wax from ear canals, to fitting a hearing aid.

Don’t let problems with hearing interfere with your quality of life. If you’re struggling, we can help. Book an appointment on 0800 019 2016 or fill in the form on the right hand side of this page, and we’ll be in touch. Leanne or Sue, the Norwich branch receptionists will take your calls and book your appointment, while Jerry Eldridge or Sue Lambert, our local Hearing Aid Dispensers, will provide answers and solutions to your questions and queries.

How to find us

Our hearing centre can be found opposite Tesco and Westlegate Tower, on the road between John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. The bus station is just around the corner and the nearest car parking is at John Lewis.