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Hidden Hearing Sudbury

Sudbury Physiotherapy Centre
8 Cornard Road
Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2XA
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Hidden Hearing Sudbury

You wouldn't neglect your teeth or your vision so why ignore hearing problems if they're affecting your daily life? It's common to suffer from some form of hearing impairment so it makes perfect sense to have it checked out if it's starting to bother you. At Hidden Hearing Sudbury, our team will take you through a comprehensive hearing assessment designed to identify the extent of your hearing loss, and then provide you with a personalised plan to help.

If you require a hearing aid to be fitted, our qualified Dispensers will be happy to show you around the range of products we stock, featuring respected manufacturers including Starkey and Oticon. We also feature numerous other hearing-related products and accessories, from telephone amplifiers to sound pillows that will help with tinnitus.

Book your free hearing test or call us today! It's free of charge, and if you'd like to bring someone along with you, that's no problem at all.