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Hidden Hearing Boston

Peebles and Hilton Optometrists
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Hidden Hearing Boston

At Hidden Hearing Boston we provide a superb range of modern hearing aids and associated devices for you to choose from, which our qualified hearing aid dispensers will be more than happy to demonstrate for you. We stock a wide range of hearing aids from leading manufacturers which offer comfort, discretion and high performance, at affordable prices.

We believe that hearing loss should not be a barrier to a happy life, and therefore we offer every customer a free assessment to check whether they would benefit from fitting a hearing aid. All of our devices come with a lifetime aftercare promise to ensure they function perfectly year-in, year-out.

Don't suffer in silence. If you or someone you know are having problems in everyday conversations due to hearing loss, it makes good sense to have it checked out by a professional. Book your free hearing test or call us today!

We are open Monday, fortnightly.