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Hidden Hearing Swaffham

D.A. Seaman Optometrists
44 Market Street
Swaffham Norfolk PE37 7QH
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Hidden Hearing Swaffham

At Hidden Hearing Swaffham, we know the causes and consequences of hearing loss and so if you're having difficulty in catching what people say at work, or distinguishing the sound of the doorbell ringing over the television, you may well find we are the ones to help. Booking an appointment for a free, no obligation hearing assessment could not be any easier - just fill in the online form or call us today. We can also arrange a home hearing test if you're unable to get into the branch.

Through nearly 50 years of leading the way in helping those suffering from hearing loss we've built up an extensive bank of knowledge and experience that we'll bring to bear when advising you on the right course of action. If you need to have a hearing aid fitted, you'll find a superb range available on our shelves as well as many other useful devices and accessories for the hard of hearing. All hearing aids are supplied with a lifetime aftercare promise, and you'll also benefit from our nationwide branch network meaning that, wherever you are in the UK, if you're having problems with your hearing you're never far from our valuable support.

Don't go through hearing loss alone - in many cases affordable and effective assistance is available. Contact us today.

We are open Thursday, fortnightly.