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Hidden Hearing Truro

Lemon House, 15 Lemon Street
Truro Cornwall TR1 2LS
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Hidden Hearing Truro

Have you noticed that your hearing is beginning to deteriorate? Do you need to have the television or radio at a higher volume than before, or often find yourself asking people to repeat what they just said? It’s recommended that anyone over 55 should have their hearing tested on a regular basis, as many forms of impairment can be easily and affordably improved with a hearing aid.

At Hidden Hearing Truro you’ll find one of the best selections of hearing aids available, from such well-known manufacturers as Oticon, Bernafon and Starkey. Comfortable, discreet and offering a superlative performance, we have a range of devices to suit every need and every budget. You may prefer to wear your hearing aid attached to a pair of spectacles, in which case you’ll find your vision and hearing improve at the same time.

Don’t let hearing difficulties have a negative effect on your lifestyle. Make an appointment with our receptionist, Josie Boyle, to see our trained dispenser, Stefan Cornock today on 0800 019 2016 and you could be surprised at what we can do for you.

How to find us

Situated at the lower end of Lemon Street, a short walk from Lemon Quay, there is limited disabled parking outside the Truro centre and buses stop just across the road. The nearest car parking is behind Marks and Spencer, and at the open-air car park in Tabernacle Street.