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Hearing tests and hearing aids available at our Hidden Hearing clinic in Shrewsbury

It’s so important to have your hearing checked regularly, especially the older you get. Hearing loss can creep up on you. It can be so gradual that it’s not always easy to recognise or even accept. So if you’re worried about your hearing in any way, the best thing to do is to book a free hearing test.

And if you’ve never had a hearing test before, don’t worry – you can find out exactly what happens during a hearing test here

If you do suffer from hearing loss already, it’s important to keep on top of any changes to your hearing. Even if you’ve come to see us before, we still recommend having a regular check-up, at least once a year.

The Shrewsbury team

Adrian Ashley and Amy Malone, our hearing care experts, and Molly, our receptionist, will be here to look after all of your hearing care needs. 

How to find us

Well sited at the lower end of the town centre, our Shrewsbury branch is just under the market hall, opposite the park and ride bus stop. Car parking is available at the Barker Street car park around the corner, and there are two disabled parking spaces either side of our centre.

Does Hidden Hearing Shrewsbury offer ear wax removal?

Yes, Hidden Hearing Shrewsbury offers ear wax removal. If you’re suffering from excess ear wax build-up, you can book an ear wax removal appointment.


19 reviews
Terence Coyne
2 weeks ago

I am profoundly deaf and have been fitted with the latest Oticon Intent1 hearing aids by Adrian at Hidden Hearing Shrewsbury. They have reconnected me once again with society.I also purchased a device to connect to the TV.and a body mic which connects with both the telephone and my tablet.The very professional advice and help from Adrian made this possible.Thank you.

dennis flanagan
a month ago

usual good experience but this time better went in with a problem came hearing better clearer 5star plus

Mike Watkins
4 weeks ago

Usual professional help and assistance. Thank you

heather grisotti
2 months ago

Attended Hidden Hearing on Friday, 8th March, ‘24 for a hearing test following Micro Suction the previous week. This test did not incur a fee, due to Micro Suction previously. This was carried out by Adrian , who was pleasantly friendly and explained the results without any rush. Thank you very much indeed for this service.

Dora Bona
2 months ago

Since I walked into Hidden Hearing, my life has changed.To begin with, I didn’t expect the care and attention to detail that I experienced. It was recommended that I bring along a family member for the assessment, so I brought two. It was a revelation to discover how severe my hearing loss had become, and involving those family members consolidated how diminished my life had also become. Can I say that Adrian at Shrewsbury was like some kind of guardian angel. Professional, yet caring, and I felt comfortable with whatever he told me. I walked out of Hidden Hearing a new person. This was only 3 days ago, and every single day, I hear something that makes me smile, like rain, the ticking of a clock, and the normal sounds I’ve not heard for so long. Don’t put this off.

7 months ago

Very detailed hearing tests and also very informative re what would suit me best. The technology for hearing aids is developing rapidly and it was most interesting to see what is available for my hearing loss. Even though I did not purchase new hearing aids I now know what to purchase once my old hearing aids need replacing. Excellent.

John Nelson
5 months ago

Excellent professional service from very helpful staff.

Mike Roberts
a year ago

Despite diagnosing slight hearing loss, did not prescribe hearing aids. A fair and honest practice from my experience 👍

Jan Saywood
6 months ago

Very pleased with hearing test and the hearing aids

Jan Saywood
6 months ago

Very pleased with hearing test and the hearing aids

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