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Hidden Hearing Altrincham

17 Goose Green
Altrincham Greater Manchester WA14 1DW
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Hidden Hearing Altrincham

Whether you’re looking for the latest in hearing aid technologies, want to take a hearing test to ascertain the extent of your hearing loss, or simply want some good, impartial advice you can trust, drop in to Hidden Hearing Altrincham and we’ll be very pleased to see you.  
As one of the UK’s leading providers of hearing healthcare, Hidden Hearing has nearly 50 years’ experience. We can identify the common causes of hearing loss, and advise you of the best way to treat it. Plus, if a hearing aid is the answer to your problems, you’ll find a dazzling array of them in our branches, in different styles and ranging in affordability. We can help you with fitting your device comfortably, and learning how to adjust the settings to cope with differing noise levels.

While one in ten people are affected by some form of hearing loss, there’s no reason why it should adversely affect your life. Book an appointment on 0800 019 2016 and embark on the journey to better hearing. From our friendly receptionist Joanna, to Antony Moat, our Hearing Aid Dispenser, the expert team at Altrincham will be more than happy to help you with any queries or problems you may have.

How to find us

We are situated in Goose Green which is a vibrant area of bars, restaurants and specialist shops right in heart of  Altrincham.

Goose Green can be accessed on foot by walking down the side of the under construction new hospital past Francs restaurant which is well known locally. 
The area is also easily accessed from the 2 storey car park situated  at the Total Fitness gym , the entrance to which is opposite the Vue Cinema and  Frankie and Benny’s restaurant. Pedestrian access to Goose Green is from Level MINUS 1 of the car park with a lift available from Level MINUS 2 that comes out 10 yards from the branch and is undercover.

In addition we are now only 5\7 mins walk from the bus and train\tram station.