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Having a hearing test is just as important as any other health check-up. If you think that you might have hearing loss, book a free hearing test near you with one of our hearing care experts.

Please note you must be 19 years or over to book a hearing test.

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6 signs that you should get a hearing test

Hearing loss may be slow to develop and difficult to identify. But it can also be sudden and obvious. If you know what the general signs of hearing loss are, it'll be easier for you to recognise them earlier.
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1. Following conversations is difficult
You have difficulty following group conversations (or when there's background noise)
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2. Phone conversations are unclear
You have trouble following phone conversations. You often have to ask people to repeat what they've just said
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3. People seem to be mumbling
You often ask people to repeat themselves. Sounds seem unclear, or people sound like they're mumbling
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4. Difficulty locating sounds
You have difficulty identifying where sounds are coming from
Image shows a woman suffering from tinnitus
5. Signs of tinnitus
You experience ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears (tinnitus)
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6. TV is difficult to hear
Your friends and family say you have the TV too loud
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Our certified hearing care experts conduct in-depth, no-obligation hearing tests with same-day results.


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3 ways to book a hearing test

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Call us on 0800 0372 080. Lines are open Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 5 p.m.
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Using our online tool to book a free hearing test at your preferred time.
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Use our locator too to find your the closest hearing centre.
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3 reasons to book a test with Hidden Hearing


Experts in hearing care
Our certified hearing care experts conduct in-depth, no-obligation hearing tests with same-day results.


Quality hearing aid solutions
We offer a selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.


Aftercare services
As a Hidden Hearing customer you are entitled to free hearing aid batteries for the first three years, adjustments, cleaning and repair services.
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Before, during and after a hearing test

What to expect at a hearing test

What happens at a hearing test – Bring someone with you
Bring someone with you
Part of your hearing test involves checking how well you recognise a familiar voice. So we recommend bringing a friend or relative along with you, if possible.
What happens at a hearing test – consultation
Discuss your hearing concerns
The hearing care expert will talk through any hearing concerns, your medical history and lifestyle factors that may impact your hearing.
What happens at a hearing test – Physical ear examination
Physical ear examination
You'll have a visual exam of your ears to understand if there are any medical explanations for your hearing loss.
What happens at a hearing test – Hearing assessment
Comprehensive hearing assessment
This includes a series of tests – such as tone, speech and word tests.
What happens at a hearing test – Same-day results
Same-day test results and recommended solutions
Option 1No hearing loss.Receive healthy hearing adviceOption 2Hearing loss detected.Receive advice on hearing aid solutions

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