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Oticon Alta

The Oticon Alta is one of the premium hearing aid families available today. Alta is built using Oticon’s most advanced technologies and includes a variety of features to ensure it provides the best listening experience possible.

Coming in a wide range of colour pallets and styles, Alta fits into your lifestyle easily and discretely, catering for your exact hearing needs thanks to its personalisation features.

Personalised sound experience

Alta allows you to hear sounds as you want to. Like all modern hearing aids available today, Alta will be programmed to match your unique hearing needs, amplifying sounds in the frequencies you need help with, but Alta goes that one step further. In addition, your hearing preferences are taken into account alongside the external factors affecting your listening environment. This means, should two people who have the same hearing loss and audiogram, and both wear Alta hearing aids, the amplification output will be different for each person dependant on their preference - after all, we are all unique and in Alta’s case, one size most certainly does not fit all.

Speech Guard E

Speech Guard E is one of the most sophisticated speech processing and amplification technologies available today, and is only found in the Alta family of hearing aids. Put simply, it works to keep sounds clear, allowing you to appreciate the little details in speech and sound and providing the ultimate listening experience.

Spatial Sound Awareness

Spatial Sound Awareness helps you identify where sounds are coming from. Let’s imagine crossing a busy road as a pedestrian. If you suffer a hearing loss and are not a hearing aid wearer, the chances are you will not be able to hear approaching traffic at a safe distance.  If you cross the same road wearing hearing aids, the approaching traffic noise will be amplified and you will be able to hear the approaching traffic at a far safer distance. Now, if you crossed the same road wearing Alta hearing aids, not only will you be able to hear the approaching traffic from a safe distance, but you will also be able to identify the direction that the approaching traffic is coming from.


Like many Oticon hearing aids available today, connectivity is made simple with Alta. Wearing Alta, and using Oticon’s wireless connectivity device ConnectLine, you can connect wirelessly via a Streamer Pro to your television, mobile phone and more, receiving the sound directly to your hearing aid. This means no more arguments over the volume of the TV, or struggling to hear clearly on the landline or mobile phone, as the sound is passed directly to the hearing aid, and amplified at the level you need.

Other Oticon Products

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    Oticon Opn

    Oticon has changed the way we think about hearing aids with the introduction of Oticon Opn - with help from the OpenSound Navigator™. With a wealth of new technology, your hearing is in good hands.

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    The Oticon Nera uses Feedback shield technology, the most advanced feedback protection system ever designed by Oticon.

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    Oticon Ria

    The Oticon Ria provides excellent sound quality, keeping sounds clear and crisp.

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