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Oticon Intent™

Engage in life like never before.

Focus on what truly matters to you with Oticon's groundbreaking developments in sound quality and personalisation.

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What if there was a hearing aid that understood what you wanted to listen to?
New sensor-driven BrainHearing™ technology uses your movements, the environment, and the conversation around you to recognise what you want and need to listen to, adapting seamlessly to give your hearing truly personalised support.

Oticon Intent hearing aids - providing clarity
Engage with clarity

Oticon Intent™ enhances and balances the full spectrum of sound, so you can get the most out of conversations.

Oticon Intent hearing aids - providing comfort
Engage with comfort

Oticon Intent seamlessly adapts to your surroundings, making listening feel more effortless and comfortable.

Oticon Intent hearing aids - providing confidence
Engage with confidence

Trained to mimic how the brain learns to process sounds¹, the technology inside Oticon Intent™ helps conversations flow naturally.

Oticon Intent hearing aids

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Oticon Intent™ technology and features

The incredible innovation inside Oticon Intent™ helps keep you at your best, so you can keep hearing and keep being you. Fully engage in life with a next-generation, personalised hearing solution.

Hearing aids - artificial intelligence
Intuitive listening experience
The new and improved built-in AI makes it easier than ever to stay connected to your world. With Oticon Intent™, communicating feels natural.

Hearing aids - connectivity
Focuses on what matters to you

The world's first user-intent sensors recognise what you want & need to listen to in each moment, and adapt accordingly, so you can stay focused on what matters most to you².

Illustration of bran icon
Supports the brain's way of working

Research tells us that the brain needs access to the full sound scene to naturally make sense of sounds³, so Oticon Intent™ opens it up and balances it, just for you.

icon - hearing protection
Handles disruptive noises

Using two innovative stabilisation features, you don't have to worry about your hair, glasses, the wind, or other disruptive sounds affecting your sound quality⁴⁵.

Hearing aids - charger
Discreet, rechargeable, powerful

Oticon Intent™ may be small and compact, but its battery life isn’t compromised. This discreet, rechargeable powerhouse gives you up to 20 hours of battery life and recharges fast.

Illustration of mobile device
Control at your fingertips

Easily control and personalise your hearing aids, find them if they're lost, take calls and connect to your devices, and talk to one of our hearing care experts, all through the latest app.

Oticon Intent hearing aids

Engage effortlessly in life with groundbreaking 4D sensors

Traditional hearing aids understand sound, but not the person listening to the sound. This isn't ideal, since listening needs vary from person to person even in the same sound environment.

Oticon Intent™ was designed differently. Using groundbreaking sensors that recognise and adapt to what you want and need to listen to, so you can enjoy a seamless, personalised listening experience all day long.

How the technology works

Sensors pick up on your movements, interaction cues, and details from your 360º sound scene to better understand how you want to engage with what’s around you. The sensors instinctively adapt to your environment, giving you the right support for each moment.

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Oticon Intent hearing aids

Your hearing is unique. Your hearing solution should be, too.

As experts in hearing care, we take Oticon Intent's personalisation abilities to the next level.

We've reimagined hearing care to be the opposite of ‘one-size-fits-all’. Your hearing solution is meant to be an extension of your lifestyle, so we personalise the latest technology to fit seamlessly into your life.

Our personalised approach involves getting to know your communication needs, conducting a comprehensive hearing evaluation, fine-tuning your hearing aids, and giving you ongoing care & support to make sure you’re getting the best hearing experience possible.

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