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Hearing tests and hearing aids available at our Hidden Hearing clinic in Leeds

It’s so important to have your hearing checked regularly, especially the older you get. Hearing loss can creep up on you. It can be so gradual that it’s not always easy to recognise or even accept. So if you’re worried about your hearing in any way, the best thing to do is to book a free hearing test.

And if you’ve never had a hearing test before, don’t worry – you can find out exactly what happens during a hearing test here

If you do suffer from hearing loss already, it’s important to keep on top of any changes to your hearing. Even if you’ve come to see us before, we still recommend having a regular check-up, at least once a year.

The Leeds team

Amina Rajah, our hearing care expert, Rebecca and Eloise, our receptionists, will be here to look after all of your hearing care needs. 

How to find us

Opposite the Art Gallery and Town Hall.
Short walk up Park Row from Leeds train station.
Nearest car parking in The Light.

Does Hidden Hearing Leeds offer ear wax removal?

Yes, Hidden Hearing Leeds offers ear wax removal. If you’re suffering from excess ear wax build-up, you can book an ear wax removal appointment


22 reviews
Holly Musson
a month ago

Popped in as I suspected I had an ear infection and couldn't get through to GP. Was told by the lovely receptionist that the audiologist wasn't in for another hour however, I could pop back and she would check for me. I came back earlier than expected and the receptionist asked me to take a seat. The audiologist took me in and immediately examined me, she confirmed I had an ear infection and even showed me on the camera, where it was however, could not "officially" diagnose or treat. The confirmation is enough for me, feeling faint and dizzy is very worrying and not knowing the cause only amplifies the situation. The staff were so welcoming, friendly and efficient, I cannot recommend this practice enough. I know where I will be going for all hearcare enquiries!

Coronita Coronado
3 months ago

I had a fantastic experience with the audiologist. I was really impressed. She was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and addressed all my questions. The rest of the team was also very professional and attentive. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a hearing check. Thank you!

Chris Hindle
3 months ago

From walking in the door, the atmosphere was professional and friendly A nice cup of coffee was procured and before too long I was being slowly questioned about my current and past hearing issues. Emily was a very charming and engaging young lady and drew out the information she needed with a friendly chatty style.
Having completed the physical testing of my hearing per se' - it was then a simple step to actually enter the missing parameters into a sample pair of hearing aids and put them in the ears
The actual switch-on was a revelation - and what set these hearing aids apart from those I have used previously, was the well rounded nature of the sound actually being heard . Gone were the shrill upper frequencies to be replaced by a balanced spectrum of sound (for all the world like the hearing I have missed for 20 or more years)
In between the initial assessment and final fitting, I also had a session with the friendly audiology nurse whom , used some very sophisticated devices to magically clear the detritus from the ear canals. A return the following day for the final fitting of my actual hearing aids was a further exercise in professionalism. The time was taken to ensure the devices were set to parameters of my choice, and the time was taken, to ensure I was familiar with the accompanying app which offers the wearer further tweaking options
All round ? an exercise in professionalism and courtesy - seldom found in our high-speed world Thank you for that my friends

2 months ago

My mother asked me to let you know she thought your service was excellent.
Top marks.

jeannette Massey
2 months ago

My audiologist was excellent explained every step and was very kind and patient when I did not quiet understand.

David Boadle
5 months ago

Excellent service from Emily. She was friendly and efficient and explained everything clearly. Also solved a problem with my tv box that took a bit of sorting out! 5 stars.

Nigel Wilson
a month ago

Excellent staff and friendly service

Dan Coleman
6 months ago

An extremely friendly professional & knowledgeable team who really go out of their way to make sure that you feel comfortable, fully understand both the tests that are being completed, the reason for them & the results. At no time do you feel any sales pressure which was a pleasant surprise.

Nick Darcey
6 months ago

Great service. Very friendly and informative.

John Midgley
in the last week

Really good service. ..lovely staff.

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