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Hearing tests and hearing aids available at our Hidden Hearing clinic in Sheffield

It’s so important to have your hearing checked regularly, especially the older you get. Hearing loss can creep up on you. It can be so gradual that it’s not always easy to recognise or even accept. So if you’re worried about your hearing in any way, the best thing to do is to book a free hearing test.

And if you’ve never had a hearing test before, don’t worry – you can find out exactly what happens during a hearing test here

If you do suffer from hearing loss already, it’s important to keep on top of any changes to your hearing. Even if you’ve come to see us before, we still recommend having a regular check-up, at least once a year.

The Sheffield team

Lily Demirezen, our hearing care expert, and Julie and Beth our receptionists, will be here to look after all of your hearing care needs. 

How to find us

Just one street away from the city’s imposing Cathedral, our Sheffield branch is on York Street. The multi-storey car park in Hartshead provides ample parking for drivers, and there are also numerous bus stops nearby.

Does Hidden Hearing Sheffield offer ear wax removal?

Yes, Hidden Hearing Sheffield offers ear wax removal. If you’re suffering from excess ear wax build-up, you can book an ear wax removal appointment


40 reviews
Neil Porter
2 weeks ago

Having already used hearing aids from another supplier I made an appointment with Hidden Hearing for a hearing test with no expectation of buying another pair . Just wanted a second opinion on my hearing . Lilly was very welcoming and put us both at ease immediately . She explained exactly what we were going to do and understood my reasons for attending . The tests were more comprehensive than I have had previously either with the NHS or the supplier of my existing hearing aids . Assessing my hearing in a simulated busy environment was just the sort of assessment I needed . I found Lilly very professional and highly knowledgeable about the procedure . Explanations of how the aids work in relation to the ear anatomy were excellent . The whole appointment was top notch and culminated in my being able to hear well . Despite my intentions I did not hesitate to buy the recommended product even though they were more expensive than I had imagined . 10/10

David Dickinson
2 weeks ago

I had a very positive & productive appointment, Lily was very reassuring & talked us through each process so we could understand. My new hearing aids are wonderful & would recommend to anyone.

Roger Bartholomew
3 weeks ago

I recently had a hearing test at Hidden Hearing in Sheffield.
The audiologist Lilly is very calming and makes the whole experience very easy and relaxing.
I highly recommend this Company to anyone who is contemplating getting their ears tested.

Des Sharp
a week ago

Went for a hearing test and had a great informative test with LILLY. absolutely first class service explained everything in great detail was well satisfied would definitely recommend 👍

Chris Frost
2 months ago

The Audiologist Lilly was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I was hoping to get in-ear hearing aids but she persuaded me to go for over the ear ones. I didn't feel she over-sold the product and overall it was a satisfying experience and purchase. Happy to strongly recommend this company.

Joanne Hylands
2 months ago

I’ve recently noticed a few situations where I’ve completely misheard, or have missed somebody saying something to me, and even zone out when there is background noise, and it’s started to impact my daily life. My husband has said to me for years that I should get my hearing checked but I always thought he was the one mumbling to me! So I finally booked myself a hearing test with Lilly, my husband came with me. Speaking with Lilly about my struggles came with sheer relief for both of us! Everything that Lilly was telling us resonated. I had my test which was very straight forward. My results diagnosed a very mild hearing loss that I potentially have had for most of my life but has never been picked up and I’ve just learned to live with. I tested some hearing aids and I felt like my world ‘opened up’, hearing for the first time in years what I should be hearing! I was blown away and felt quite emotional. Having tried them for a week now, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be without my ‘EarPods’. Love how discreet they are and the Bluetooth functionality! Already, they’ve taken out so much stress and effort everyday trying to hear and communicate clearly with everyone, which I never realised I’d succumbed to. It’s still early days getting used to things, Julie and Lilly have quickly responded to any questions and I look forward to working with them as we ‘fine tune’ the software to suit me. I cannot recommend Hidden Hearing Sheffield enough! Thank you

David Harrison
3 weeks ago

It was a pleasure speaking to the staff and very helpful and I learnt a lot from these people and I would recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem thanks for your help

Terry Whitham
5 months ago

Arriving at the office, I was warmly greeted by Julie, the very friendly receptionist, and was offered a coffee even before I had chance to take my coat off. Lilly, the hearing specialist, carefully explained what she was going to do to measure any hearing loss without using any technobabble whatsoever, and was also very cheerful, friendly and welcoming. The procedures were simple and took roughly forty-five minutes, at which time Lilly was able to show me a chart of how my ears perform that was easy to understand. Following this I was told which hearing aids would be best for me, together with their price, but there was never any hint of pressure to buy. It was completely left for me to decide whether to buy or not. I was given a demonstration of how the aids would perform, and was much impressed.

Paul Neville
a month ago

Had a great recent hearing test , met a different member of the team Christina who was great at her job and such a lovely person .

Sue Lambert
5 months ago

Amazing!!! my partner was overcome when Lilly put the new hearing aid in his ear. He just couldn't believe his hearing was back to normal. He had been using NHS hearing aids, a big thank you to Lilly and Julie we were both made to feel very welcome

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