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Hidden Hearing Northampton

8 Mercers Row
Northampton Northamptonshire NN1 2QL
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Hidden Hearing Northampton

Around 1 in 10 people suffer from some form of hearing impairment, and it can have a serious effect on lifestyle if left unchecked. That’s why we offer everyone a comprehensive hearing test, entirely free of charge and with no obligations, to establish what, if any, is the extent of hearing loss, and what is the best way to deal with it.

Visit Hidden Hearing Northampton, where our Hearing Aid Dispensers, Helen Schmidt or Halema Begum, conduct hundreds of hearing tests every year and can talk to you about the daily situations where you experience hearing difficulties. If you have a wax build-up in your ear canals we can help with removal; if you suffer from tinnitus we can provide useful advice, and if you need to have a hearing aid fitted, we can give demonstrations and introduce you to the range of devices and related accessories we sell in-store.

In many cases, hearing problems can be reduced easily, quickly and affordably, so if you have any difficulties in hearing what people say, or following what’s happening on television, don’t suffer in silence, contact us today on 0800 019 2016. Our branch receptionist, Rachel Cole, will be happy to organise and book your appointment at a time that suits you.

How to find us

Situated in Mercers Row, our Northampton branch is just opposite All Saints Church, around the corner from Market Square. There are parking spaces available on Mercers Row, including dedicated spaces for blue badge holders, and the main town centre car parks are a short walk away. Northgate bus station is located at the top of drapery.