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Aftercare Roadmap

All the hearing aids dispensed at Hidden Hearing are among the best in the world; but what really makes the difference is the quality of the assessment, recommendation and aftercare. At Hidden Hearing, aftercare starts as soon as we have your hearing test results.

It begins with selecting the right product for you.

Your Hearing Aid Dispenser will advise which hearing aid systems are suitable for your hearing loss and show you available options that suit your cosmetic needs.

We'll also consider which hearing aid is going to be easiest for you to handle and maintain. Hearing aids are all easy to use but we don’t want you to worry about extra features you may not use (e.g. program buttons).

In addition, all hearing aids are powered by batteries and we would not recommend a battery size that is too small to handle.

Hearing aid maintenance

Hearing aids require a modest amount of cleaning and maintenance, but your Hearing Aid Dispenser covers this in detail at the fitting. We’ll also give you any maintenance advice you need on your follow up visits.

In short, we take every step necessary to make sure that you enjoy trouble free use of your new hearing system. Our aftercare service includes:

  • Six monthly follow up visits.
  • Six monthly check of your ear canals for excessive wax
  • Six monthly check of your hearing aid system to make sure it is still working as it should
  • Annual hearing tests, so that we can reprogram your hearing system if your hearing deteriorates
  • Batteries, cleaning and maintenance products are all available in branch or online

And the best bit? Hidden Hearing's aftercare service is all inclusive. So, once you have paid for your hearing aid system, you will not pay a penny more for additional consultations, follow up visits and hearing tests!