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Free 5 Star
Service Aftercare

In the same way it is important to get your ears checked annually, hearing aids also need regular attention to ensure they are working to their optimum level. You may think your hearing is getting worse, and keep on adjusting the volume, when all that's needed is for the hearing aid to have a good service.

Get the best out of your hearing device. It's a sophisticated instrument and may need fine tuning.

At your free 5 Star service we will:

  1. Check for wax – Even though you clean your device regularly, we have special tools and cleaning materials to deal with the difficult wax that builds up over time.  Otherwise this will eventually turn into a solid glue-like substance that can cause permanent damage.
  2. Volume control - Not all digital hearing aids will have one but where there is one it is usually the part of the device that gets handled the most, and so needs regular testing for wear and tear. Any damage can result in loss of incoming sounds, and also whistling, which can greatly affect your comfort and hearing.
  3. Microphone - To get the very best from your hearing device, the receiver and microphone have to be free from obstructions.
  4. Battery - The battery compartment needs to be checked, the contacts may need to be cleaned and adjustment may need to be made.
  5. Clarity - We test your hearing device to make sure that the sound quality it's giving is as clear as possible.

To keep your hearing device in top condition, we check everything that can affect its performance.

We will also take this opportunity to:

  • Test your hearing to ensure your hearing threshold has not changed since your last visit. If it has, 9 times out of 10 we can re-programme your hearing aid to your new hearing audiogram.
  • Discuss our current lifestyle situations to ensure your hearing aid is supporting you where and when you need it.  For instance, we may ask if you use a mobile telephone. Many people are not aware that hearing aids available today can connect wirelessly to mobile phones.  Reasons like these are further examples of why it is important to regularly see your Hearing Aid Dispenser.