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Oticon Nera

Oticon Nera features the latest Inium processing technology from Oticon. Some high end features such as YouMatic, Feedback Shield and AI Advanced are incorporated into this very cost effective hearing instrument.

Feedback Shield

The Oticon Nera uses Feedback shield technology, the most advanced feedback protection system ever designed by Oticon. Feedback is that annoying whistling sound sometimes heard at public events. It is caused by sound from the speaker getting back into the microphone, the sound is then processed through the amplifier and the same path is taken by the sound again and again causing the whistling to occur. The same thing can happen with hearing aids particularly when high volume settings are required or when wax is present in the ear canal preventing the sound from being absorbed by the ear. Feedback Shield uses three processes to control and limit feedback

  • Phase Inversion - Sound is comprised of waves with peaks and troughs. When feedback is about to start Feedback Shield identifies the peaks and puts a trough in its place. It also identifies the troughs and puts a peak in its place, together they cancel out the feedback.
  • Frequency shifting – By subtly changing frequency Feedback Shield creates a mis-match between input and output. This breaks the feedback path and stops the feedback
  • Gain control – To control the frequencies where feedback is likely to occur.

The three processes work in harmony to suppress feedback and maintain optimal sound quality.

Binaural Noise Management

Oticon Nera hearing aids have a traditional binaural noise management system to identify noise as opposed to speech and reduce the volume to avoid the noise becoming uncomfortable. If speech is detected the level is automatically increased so that important sounds can be heard.

Directional Microphones

Most Oticon Nera styles are equipped with directional microphones that work automatically to focus when the user is in noisy surroundings. Thus in a quiet environment the microphones will be in surround mode in order that the user can hear sound from any direction. However , when in noise the microphones will focus so that sound can be picked up from where the user is looking, allowing speech to be heard above the noise.

Transient Noise Management

Sudden loud sounds (such as a slamming door for instance) are dealt with instantly by the transient noise management system in Oticon Nera. This works in a fraction of a second to reduce gain and so avoid the sudden noise from becoming uncomfortable.

YouMatic Advanced

YouMatic is an automatic system that allows the sound processing systems within Oticon Nera to be personalised to the user’s individual needs across multiple sound environments. The individual systems, for example directionality, noise management, transient noise management etc. all work in harmony with the user’s needs.

AI Advanced

AI or Artificial Intelligence Advanced is a system that allows the Oticon Nera hearing aids to react themselves to different sound environments. Conventional hearing aids will react in a fixed way to certain sound environments. Oticon Nera with its AI Advanced system will constantly adapt to changing environments and select the most favourable options to generate the best sound quality in any situation.


Eight KHz Bandwidth

An 8 KHz bandwidth enables Oticon Nera to deal with a wide spectrum of sound.


Six Fitting Channels

Six fitting channels allow the amplification strategy within Oticon Nera to be configured to deal with a wide range of hearing losses.

Wind Noise Manager

Wind noise over the microphones can be annoying particularly for those users that enjoy an active outside lifestyle. The wind noise manager operates to suppress the effect of wind noise.

Binaural Volume and Program Control

Most Oticon Nera styles feature binaural volume and program control. The hearing aids on each side communicate with each other so that any manual changes in volume or program are replicated on the other side. This ensures that both left and right aids are in perfect balance according to the loss in each individual ear.

Connectline Enabled

Most Oticon Nera styles are Connectline enabled. This allows Oticon Nera hearing aids to connect to a range of Bluetooth equipped devices and accessories using a device called the Streamer Pro. For instance if the user has a Bluetooth equipped mobile telephone Streamer Pro allows sound from the phone to be streamed directly to the hearing aids. Not only that, but the sound is also corrected for the hearing loss. The phone can be in the pocket and the Streamer Pro worn round the neck. The phone rings and the user simply presses a button on the Streamer Pro to pick up the call. A microphone in the Streamer Pro relays the user’s voice back to the caller. The mobile phone remains in the pocket all the time. Other accessories can be used in conjunction with Streamer Pro as follows:

  • Connectline TV adapter – Allows sound from the TV to be streamed direct to the Oticon Nera aids so that the user can adjust TV sound to their preference whilst anyone else in the room can set it to their own preferred volume.
  • Connectline land line telephone adapter – Allows sound from a land line telephone to be streamed direct to the aids. A button is pressed on the Streamer Pro to pick up the call. The telephone receiver remains on the hook so the user does not need to leave their chair in order to receive a telephone call.
  • Connectline remote microphone – Allows sound to be streamed from a remote microphone direct to the hearing aids. If attending a lecture for instance the microphone can be placed on the lectern and sound will be sent direct to the hearing aids. Even if the user is sat at the back of the hall, from a sound point of view it will be as if he is at the lectern.

Streamer Pro can also be used as a remote control to facilitate manual adjustments of program or volume. Streamer Pro also contains a telecoil to allow the use of a loop system if available in a public building for instance.

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