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Founded on care

Oticon was established in Denmark in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife suffered from hearing loss. Built on this foundation of care, Oticon has become one of the world leaders in high-performance hearing aids. Their drive for innovation puts the company at the absolute forefront of sophisticated technology and award-winning design.

All Oticon devices are developed to empower people with hearing loss so they can communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively in life.

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    Oticon Alta

    The Oticon Alta is known as ‘Oticon’s finest hearing aid’ and is one of the premium hearing aid families available today.

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    Oticon Nera

    The Oticon Nera uses Feedback shield technology, the most advanced feedback protection system ever designed by Oticon.

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    Oticon Ria

    The Oticon Ria provides excellent sound quality, keeping sounds clear and crisp.

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    Oticon Opn

    Oticon has changed the way we think about hearing aids with the introduction of Oticon Opn - with help from the OpenSound Navigator™. With a wealth of new technology, your hearing is in good hands.

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