Advanced hearing technology has
moved speedily in the digital age

In just the last decade, both audiology and hearing devices have developed at an accelerated rate. Digital developments have resulted in the smallest equipment imaginable. The electronic elements can carry more information than ever and apart from extended life, the batteries can be charged speedily and cost-effectively. Just look at some of the options from Oticon, a company supported by a century of hearing aid manufacturing.

Brain Hearing™

Centring on how the brain addresses sounds of all types, unlike the industry conventions of compensating for ear damage, Brain HearingTM reduces the effort on the part of the wearer, thus reducing fatigue. The human brain makes sense of sounds by judging their orientation, the separation of relevant sounds, the ability to focus on specific sounds and to diminish extraneous ones, and by sound recognition to make sense of it all. Brain HearingTM provides four audiological technologies: Spatial Sound that allows both ears to work in real time with the brain; Speech Guard that recognises voices and helps the brain to refocus; Free Focus that aids directionality in an adaptable manner; and YouMatic that enhances sound recognition, with the aim of enriching the individual’s Brain HearingTM experience.


Maximising the benefits of connectivity, it relies on proximity to a secreted wireless transmitter and removes the frustration experienced by users of older and some existing devices about decaying sound quality. It is supplemented by a series of products to meet individual hearing needs.

Feedback Shield

Implementing the shield ensures that interference, which can present a negative impact on a hearing aid’s effectiveness, will not disturb the hearer and will maintain a clearer and more natural sound.

Free Focus

We are all individuals and our hearing needs are unique. Free Focus introduces a range of directional features that help users to make the most of their devices.

Spatial Sound

While most hearing aids can make sounds to left and right ears difficult to discern, Spatial Sound creates differentiation between different sounds but brings them together binaurally to create a realistic soundscape. This reduces user fatigue and enhances the natural sound reproduction.

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