Hidden Hearing St. Martins

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The Guernsey Therapy Group, Galeries Du Manoir, Les Camps du Moulin, St Martins, Guernsey, GY4 6DA

Opening hours vary. Please contact us for more information.

Hearing tests and hearing aids available at our clinic in St. Martins

Our St. Martins team are here to help you with your hearing health needs. They offer a range of hearing services, including free hearing tests.

When you book a free hearing test at Hidden Hearing St. Martins, one of our hearing care experts will give your hearing a thorough check. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have about your hearing.

Biljana Zaharieva our hearing care expert, will be here to look after all of your hearing care needs. 

Your hearing test at Hidden Hearing St. Martins will last about an hour. At the end of the appointment, we’ll go through your hearing test results with you so you a clear have understanding of your hearing health. Call 01481 251 860 today to make an appointment.