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Hidden Hearing Ayr

When it comes to looking after your hearing, Hidden Hearing Ayr is the name to trust. With nearly 50 years’ experience in hearing healthcare, we have the essential knowledge and skills you need, and offer a range of fantastic benefits for our customers.

Whether you’re getting your hearing checked for the first time, or you need some assistance with your existing hearing aid, we make excellent customer service our first priority.

All our hearing tests are entirely free of charge, and will determine the extent of your hearing loss and offer professional advice on what we can do to help. Should you choose to purchase a hearing aid from us, you’ll find that every device we sell comes with a superb lifetime aftercare scheme for your peace of mind, including annual hearing reassessments at no extra cost.

And not just that - if you’re unable to visit us in the branch, we can arrange for one of our qualified team to perform a hearing test in your home for additional convenience. So don’t let hearing loss affect your life, book an appointment today on 0800 019 2016, or just fill out the form on this page. Our receptionist Isobel will happily book an appointment for you, while David Mathison, Ayr's Hearing Aid Dispenser, is available to help with all your hearing needs.

When should you consider a hearing test in our clinic in Ayr?

• If you suspect that your hearing has changed 

• If it has became difficult to participate in a conversation, where several people are involved

• If you turn up the volume on tv to hear what is being said

• If you have turned 55 and has not had your hearing tested recently 

The above examples can be signs, that your hearing has changed and you have a hearing loss. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, it is a good idea to get your hearing tested. Hearing loss often comes in small steps and it can be difficult for yourself to notice that your hearing has worsened.

We recommend that you address your hearing loss, even if its only a minor hearing loss. After all hearing is the ability that allows us to connect with the rest of the world.

Do you want to know more about hearing loss, you are welcome to contact our hearing centre in Ayr or read more about it here.

Hearing loss

What happens during a hearing test?

A hearing test at our clinic in Ayr is completely free of charge and will take about an hour. The hearing test is conducted by a certified hearing care specialist and we use the most modern hearing instruments to test if you have a hearing loss.

The hearing test shows you how well you are able to hear and if you have a hearing loss. The result of the hearing test is presented in an audigram, which is an image of your hearing abilty. You will see what sound frequencies that you can hear and how well your hear them. 

If you have a hearing loss, then the certified hearing care expert in Ayr will inform you about your options and give you recommendations as to what you can do to improve your hearing. 

The Ayr branch is situated in the heart of Burns Country, where, in the poets own words: “Naer a toun surpasses for honest men and bonnie lassies”. We are just a few minutes’ walk from the main shopping area, bus station and rail station – ideal if you’re using public transport for your visit. If you’re driving, you’ll be pleased to know the Ayr branch has its own car park, as well as ample off-street parking nearby.

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