Wax removal Microsuction
Ear wax removal:

What are the benefits of micro-suction?

There are many ear wax removal methods. But only some are considered safe and effective, while others are questionable at best, and dangerous at worst.

Ear wax removal methods

In the past, one popular method of cleaning wax out of the ears was syringing, which involves squirting water into the ear using a hand-held syringe. This method is now considered unsafe when using a syringe manually. The pressure can’t be regulated which can lead to perforated eardrums.

Another popular ear wax removal method is irrigation. Like ear syringing, this involves water being flushed into the ear which pushes out any excess wax. Since the pressure can be controlled, unlike ear syringing, this method is considered safe, although it can be messy. A basin is often used to collect the excess water.

Ear candles and over-the-counter ear vacuum cleaners show no evidence of being effective.

Micro-suction ear wax removal

We carry out ear wax removal by micro-suction. This method is quick, safe and effective. Unlike irrigation, the benefits of micro-suction are that there is no mess and there is no need to get any water in your ear.

The micro-suction method involves placing a tiny probe inside your ear, cleaning out any excess ear wax and debris like a tiny vacuum cleaner. And unlike irrigation, micro-suction is suitable even if you have a perforated eardrum.

Also, since the probe that is used in our micro-suction technique is connected to a video otoscope, the practitioner can watch the ear wax removal in real-time but also record the removal process in case any further investigation is needed.

Wax Removal Microsuction
Wax Removal Microsuction

Our micro-suction ear wax removal is carried out by trained professionals across most of our dedicated hearing centres, as well as many of our hearing clinics which we run from within other healthcare practices.

To book your ear wax removal, just follow the link. Prices start from £50 (Selected clinics) for both ears.

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