How to hear music from an iPhone in your hearing aids

1. On your phone, go to ‘Settings’. Make sure the ‘Bluetooth®’ button is in the ‘On’ position. Then scroll down to ‘General’, and then ‘Accessibility’ and then ‘Hearing Devices’.
2. Now restart your hearing aid by opening and closing the battery compartment. This will put your hearing aid into ‘pairing mode’ for three minutes. Do this for each hearing aid if you have more than one.
3. Your hearing aid(s) should now appear on your phone screen. Tap on the name of your hearing aid and tap ‘Pair’ when the pairing request pop-up appears. Repeat this step if you have two hearing aids.
4. Once your hearing aids are paired, music can now be streamed from your iPhone.

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How to hear music from an Iphone In your hearing aids


Audiologist sitting at a table and reaching out for her phone



She goes into settings, scrolls down and presses “general”


She scrolls down and presses Accessibility. She scrolls down and presses MFi Hearing Devices


The phone is searching for the hearing aids


The lays down the phone on the table and takes up the hearing aids.


She opens and closes the battery drawer.


She reaches out for the phone and connects with both hearing aids


A woman is sitting on the couch and scrolling through some music on her phone.

She chooses a song.



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