Why bring support to your hearing test?

Help us to help others

Our hearing connects us to other people. That’s why missing out on one’s social life is the top reason why people regret not acting on their hearing loss sooner.

Do you know someone who could benefit from better hearing?

If you recommend us to a friend or relative and they go on to purchase a hearing aid, we’ll donate £100 to your chosen charity (there are four to choose from):

Charity No: Alzheimer's Society 296645 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People 293358 Maggie's 700784 Mind 219830

Help someone with hearing loss

How does it work?

After your appointment, you should have been given a ‘Recommend a Friend’ postcard to give to the person you’d like to recommend to us, just follow the instructions on there. If you didn’t receive one or have lost it, either pop in to your local Hidden Hearing clinic or call Customer Services on 0800 7408 796.

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                                                      Number 1 We helped over a quarter of a million people with their hearing care needs last year.

Number 2 We carried out over 120,000 hearing tests in 2023.

       Number 3 We fitted over 18,000 people with hearing aids in 2023.

Hidden Hearing customer Alex Slight

Alex Slight

“It's such a comfortable device, I hardly notice it. It's so easy to use, plus I've been given lots of advice and follow up from Hidden Hearing.”

Alex, on getting his hearing aids from Hidden Hearing.

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