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Online hearing test

Our free online hearing screening test only takes five minutes, and you'll get your results straightaway. Please fill in your contact information so we can send you the results. You must be 19 or over to book a hearing test.
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Take the online hearing test anywhere

You can take the online hearing test from the comfort of your own home. Plus it's free and you'll get your results within minutes.

Before taking the test

  1. Find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted.
  2. Wear headphones if you can. This will increase the accuracy of your results.
  3. You'll have a chance to test the sound before you start.
  4. Once you've checked the sound, you're all set.

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What happens during the online hearing test?

The test has three main parts:

  • Everyday listening situations
    Answer four questions about how well you think you hear
  • Tone testing
    Listen to various tones and see how well you can hear sounds at different frequencies
  • Conversation comprehension
    Listen to a short conversation and answer a few questions

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What happens after the test?

After the test you’ll get your results almost immediately. If your results show that you might have hearing loss, we recommend that you book a free, in-depth hearing test at one of our hearing clinics.

As part of your evaluation, you will also learn about recommended solutions based on your hearing evaluation results.

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Hearing loss and hearing tests

Hearing loss affects about 12 million adults in UK. That’s around 1 in 5.

If you’re worried you might have hearing loss, you can book a free, professional hearing test in one of our clinics. Follow the link below or call us on 0800 0372 080.

If you haven't already done so, take our free online hearing test to help you decide whether you should talk to one of our hearing care experts.

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The online hearing test does not replace a comprehensive hearing evaluation

While our free online hearing test is a valuable way to learn if you might have hearing loss, it doesn’t replace an in-depth hearing evaluation administered by one of our registered hearing care experts. The online hearing test can be a good way to decide whether you should go ahead and book an appointment with us.

Our free online hearing test is a screening test and therefore has a binary pass or fail criteria. This will allow you to understand whether further testing is needed to uncover your hearing ability.

If the online test doesn't pick up on any signs of hearing loss but you're still worried about your hearing, then we recommend that you get in touch to book a free, comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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6 signs that you should take a hearing test

Image shows  group conversation
You find it difficult to follow conversations
Image shows a mother struggling to hear her daughter
You often ask people to repeat themselves
Image shows a woman on the phone
People seem to mumble when they speak
Image shows three generations of women
Friends or family comment on your hearing
Image shows someone turning up the volume on their TV due to hearing loss
You turn up the volume on the TV higher than normal
Image shows woman holding head in hands
You feel tired after straining to hear at social events

Why regular hearing tests are important

Living with untreated hearing loss affects far more than just your ability to hear. You might not be able socialise with friends and family as easily. This could leave you feeling isolated or lonely.

Hearing loss can also affect your memory and your mental sharpness. It may even increase your risk of cognitive decline.

Hearing aids can improve your hearing. You can enjoy engaging in your favourite activities and socialising with friends and family again.

Today's discreet, comfortable and technologically advanced hearing aids are effective at treating hearing loss.

And they can significantly improve your quality of life.

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5 steps to better hearing

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1. Know what the signs of hearing loss are
Signs of hearing loss
Book a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing today
2. Book a free hearing test at your local clinic
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3. Try a hearing aid for 60 risk-free days if we find a hearing loss
Money-back guarantee
Plans and Insurance
4. Learn about different payment and protection plans
Hearing aid finance
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5. Hear well and live well. Receive free, unlimited aftercare
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Find a hearing clinic near you

To find out where your nearest hearing centre or clinic is, simply click the button below to use our locator tool.

You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your hearing health or would like to book an appointment.

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