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The Many Different Aspects Of Hearing Loss

Have you been feeling off balance lately? Experiencing swollen ears, redness and fevers? You could be suffering from an underlying ear infection, that is most likely the reason behind your recent hearing problems. Ear infections are very common and usually go away on their own. However, we believe it is important to know all the facts, so you can catch the problem and find a solution quickly.

Types of Ear Infection

In this section we will discuss common conditions that can be the cause of hearing problems. This will see the section focus around different types of ear infections and the various ways that they can affect your hearing. There will also be an extensive look into the symptoms of different types of ear infection and solutions that will make you progress with more confidence.

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  • Outer ear infections (which are often known as Otitis Externe) come in two main types which are an acute infection or a chronic condition.

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    A fungal ear infection, or to use the proper term for the condition, Otomycosis, is an infection that is said to impact on the outer area of the ear.

  • There are a number of infections that can affect people’s hearing and one of the most common ear infections is a middle ear infection, especially amongst younger children.