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Find all you need to know about hearing problems and the solutions.

Discover the world of hearing loss as we explain the facts, figures, problems, preventions and treatments of common conditions, that affects one in six of the UK’s adult population. Learn how it will affect the health of your hearing and your ability to understand, interpret and communicate with the world around you.

The Facts About Hearing

For many people losing their hearing is simply a part of getting older, so they settle into their condition with relative ease. For others it can be the result of an unforeseeable incident or ongoing exposure to a noisy environment, or even an underlying congenital condition that will most probably go unnoticed for years.

Whichever the case, hearing loss remains a prominent and highly preventable condition for much of the UK’s adult population. We believe it is a lack of understanding that is causing many people to suffer unknowingly and hope that by providing as much information and support as possible, sufferers will take action towards a positive future for their hearing.

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