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Bernafon is now over 70 years old, having celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 2016.

Bernafon’s philosophy is that hearing & understanding are basic human needs & that those individual’s with restricted hearing should have the ability to communicate without limitations.

This philosophy drives their development of pioneering hearing solutions that enable individual’s to enjoy an authentic listening experience, by focussing on an individual’s hearing needs & preferences.

Take a look at some of the Bernafon hearing aid products available below, and then underneath that we highlight further reasons why you should consider Bernafon as your chosen hearing aid manufacturer.




Precision Engineering

Bernafon is well respected in terms of design and product innovation, and their Swiss precision engineering accounts for the exemplary quality of their hearing aids. Any hearing device needs to be fitted properly by a qualified hearing aid dispenser, and the most obvious requirement for anyone looking for a new hearing aid is the comfort factor. The high-spec engineering that goes into each Bernafon hearing aid means they are built just as much for comfort as for their reliability and sound quality. After all, a hearing aid needs to be as comfortable as possible, and you will only achieve this by having it professionally fitted for you.

Why Choose Bernafon?

If you are in the process of choosing your very first hearing aid, then selecting a Bernafon aid is a sound choice for a first-time user. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience with Bernafon hearing solutions, we can establish your hearing needs, and look at your lifestyle to assess which style of unit would suit your individual requirements.

Bernafon Zerena

Uses DECSTM technology – Dynamic Environment Control System – to continuously analyse the acoustic environment (32,000 data points per second) to ensure the optimisation of speech at all times in any environment whilst maintaining comfort with the minimum of listening effort:

  • Conversations are easier to follow
  • Loud sounds are more natural
  • You can focus on what’s important to you

Bernafon Zerena is a ‘Made for iPhone®’ hearing system that allows direct communication with an Apple iPhone/iPad. Wirelessly connect to a TV to enjoy your TV listening directly through your hearing system. SoundClip-A allows you to stream sound from a wide range of audio devices & Android mobile telephones directly through your hearing system + is a remote microphone to improve communication at a distance & in a noisy environment.

Bernafon Juna

Uses ‘Audio EfficiencyTM technology to ensure a first class listening experience

  • Speech – provides a premium sound quality with excellent speech understanding in demanding listening environments with 360 degree sound detection
  • Comfort – incorporates advanced noise reduction technology to ensure a comfortable & less tiring hearing experience.
  • Individualisation – various listening programs & connectivity accessories to support all lifestyles.

To find out if a Bernafon hearing solution is the best choice for you, simply complete the form below to book your free, no-obligation hearing test with one of our qualified and experienced Hearing Aid Dispensers who will be able to determine the best type of hearing aid to suit your particular needs.

Bernafon Saphira

State of the art Swiss technology designed to enhance life’s precious moments:

  • Channel-FreeTM processing provides a distinctive clear & natural sound quality at all times.
  • Noise reduction & feedback cancellation systems provide a comfortable hearing experience.
  • Live music & cinema programs allow you to enjoy these situations in their true fullness.

Bernafon Nevara

Leading Swiss technology designed to provide an individual solution that is within easy reach (i.e. entry-level):

  • Fulfils the basic need to hear & understand sound, especially speech clearly & with no compromise
  • Also removes unwanted noise & disturbing feedback to allow a comfortable listening experience.

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