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Hidden Hearing Kirkwall

The Suilven Centre
East Road
Kirkwall Orkney KW15 1LX
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Hidden Hearing Kirkwall

Hearing loss can affect anyone, at any age. Some people who work in noisy environments, such as musicians or builders, may be more susceptible, but it can also be the result of anything from infection to natural ageing. The best way to get help, if you have any concerns, is to have your hearing tested on a regular basis by a professional.

At Hidden Hearing Kirkwall our friendly and professional team will be pleased to welcome you, with discreet and reliable advice. If you would benefit from wearing a hearing aid then you will find an ample range of contemporary devices available in-store. On top of demonstrations and fitting, we also offer a five star lifetime aftercare service so you know that your hearing will be in a safe pair of hands for years to come.

You'll also find useful literature, accessories and other products suitable for hard of hearing in our branch. So if you live in the Kirkwall area and you're experiencing difficulties with your hearing, come and see how we can help. Book your free hearing test or call us today!